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Vulpes's Story
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Vulpes Automata (Nouns – [the] doll/fox/elf, {it/its} “Ask!”) is Recovery Support Specialist, Certified Hypnotist, and Emergency Medical Technician from Connecticut, United States, who enjoys the wonders exploration of self, various diverse social cultures, and special interest fandoms. Vulpes identifies as a member of the neurodiversity, queer, trans, plural, otherkin, therian, & transhumanist communities. It is an advocate for these groups, along with mind-body health & wellness and peer support. 


Interviews –

Animal Instinct - Furries share passions for animals, philanthropy, and acceptance // by Jane Latus – CT Voice *interviewed (as Kasi Frost//Vulpes Automata)


Otherkin are the internet’s punchline. They’re also our future // by Ana Valens – The Daily Dot *interviewed (as Kasi Frost) (Revised June 26, 2021

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