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We're Moving!

Our parent organization, Advocacy Unlimited, Inc., is moving to a new location, so we are, too! We're thrilled to say we're moving to a custom built space where we'll be able to provide the kind of community gathering space we've been hoping to have for a long time. 

About the move

Where are you moving? 

Our new space will be at 2075 Silas Deane Highway, Rocky Hill, CT 06067

When are you moving?

Our big move will begin December 13th, 2023! Our offices will be closed from December 13th to January 8th while we move and unpack, so if something was normally at our New Britain office, it will be on hold temporarily- including support groups and AU education offerings. We'll see you again in January! We are currently seeking a new location for New Britain-based groups, and will keep you posted. They may resume sooner than January 8th. 

When can we see the new space? 

We'll be open to the public on January 8th, but we'll still be doing construction and improvements. We'll have an official open-house in early summer 2024, so keep an eye out!

How do I contact you between December 13th and January 8th?

Our physical space will be closed, but everything else will be up and running! Groups in other areas of the state will still meet, we'll still answer our phones and emails, and our virtual groups will still run. We're still here, and can't wait to hear from you!

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