Our network of support groups offer an opportunity to talk freely and without judgement among peers


Hearing Voices support groups are widely availble throughout the United Kingdom and many other countries and are just taking hold in the United States


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    Jenna Rai

    CT HVN Groups

    CT Hearing Voices Network Groups are based firmly on a belief in self-help, mutual respect and understanding.

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    Years of living a schism of existence created for me a duality that I believed seemed singular in reality.  I was terrified to cry – terrified to scream – terrified to disturb the unrealistic expectations of those around me.


    Shortly after my father suddenly passed away in 1995, I found myself out to sea like a shattered boat with no paddle or anchor tossed about by the wind and the waves. My behavior became “suspect”...


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    My name is Harold Howard and I have been a slave to these voices since I was a little boy. I could not really function like a normal child in school or a home.

    I first heard voices when I was 31, a few months after my first cousin committed suicide on my watch. Born of grief and fueled by guilt, the voices got worse after my husband and I moved to New Haven in August 1983..



    Become a Certified Facilitator of CT HVN Support Groups! 


    CT Hearing Voices Network Groups are based firmly on a belief in self-help and mutual respect. They provide a space for people to share their experiences of voices, visions, unusual sensory perceptions, and to support one another. They are community-based peer support groups offering social support and belonging, not therapy or treatment. The groups can help people find meaning in their experiences and regain power over their lives. 


    The International Hearing Voices Movement offers support groups in more than 30 countries. CT Hearing Voices Network Support Groups are currently available throughout the state. We would like to train you and support you to start one near you! 


    November 16, 17 & 18

    3 Day CT HVN Certification Facilitator Training in Hamden, CT


    November 19th

    CT HVN Facilitator Refresher Course at Toivo by Advocacy Unlimited in Hartford, CT for Previously Certified Facilitators

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