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Claire's Story


I first heard voices when I was 31, a few months after my first cousin committed suicide on my watch. Born of grief and fueled by guilt, the voices got worse after my husband and I moved to New Haven in August 1983. Many of the early voices were familiar; some belonged to family members, and most were benign. One was actively kind. Especially because I was settling into a new city, I found the familiar voices rather comforting. The first unfamiliar voices were merely curious—they would ask questions like, “What is she doing now?” and I heard them only when other people were around. But as time passed I started hearing the strangers’ voices when I was by myself. By October they had...



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Vulpes's Story


Vulpes Automata (Nouns – [the] doll/fox/elf, {it/its} “Ask!”) is Recovery Support Specialist, Certified Hypnotist, and Emergency Medical Technician from Connecticut, United States, who enjoys the wonders exploration of self, various diverse social cultures, and special interest fandoms. Vulpes identifies as a member of the neurodiversity, queer, trans, plural, otherkin, therian, & transhumanist communities. It is an advocate for these groups, along with mind-body health & wellness and peer support. 



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