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In light of the concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus, all in-person CTHVN Support Groups have been temporarily suspended. Currently, groups are scheduled to resume as of March 28th. Please check here for regular updates. 


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Claire's Story


I first heard voices when I was 31, a few months after my first cousin committed suicide on my watch. Born of grief and fueled by guilt, the voices got worse after my husband and I moved to New Haven in August 1983. Many of the early voices were familiar; some belonged to family members, and most were benign. One was actively kind. Especially because I was settling into a new city, I found the familiar voices rather comforting. The first unfamiliar voices were merely curious—they would ask questions like, “What is she doing now?” and I heard them only when other people were around. But as time passed I started hearing the strangers’ voices when I was by myself. By October they had...



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