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Connect with people who understand.
(Because they've been there, too)

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Whether you are looking for a virtual space, in-person interaction, or support for family and friends, we have a group for you. 


CT Hearing Voices Network Groups are based firmly on a belief in self-help, mutual respect and understanding. They provide a safe space for people to share their experiences of voices, visions, unusual sensory perceptions, and to support one another.


CTHVN groups are not therapy or treatment, but instead focus on social support and belonging. They can offer an opportunity for people to accept and find meaning in their experiences in a way that helps them regain power over their lives.


CT Hearing Voices Network Groups welcome the diversity of experiences and views of the members. Rather than seeing one belief system as more valid than another, all explanations for voice and vision experiences are valued.  We believe it is what happened to the person not what is wrong with them. 

No assumption of illness is made. Honoring the individual as the expert on themselves; respecting that our humanness is expressed through our experiences.


Rather than being solely focused on voices and visions, group members are welcome to talk about anything that is important to them.


CT Hearing Voices Network Groups are confidential. What is discussed in the groups stays in the groups.


The groups are intended to be made up of people with lived experience of voices, visions and other unusual sensory perceptions. Each participant has an important part to play in determining the direction of the groups which are member led. Our hope is to come together as peers being able to express our truths, honoring our personal power in a space free of a hierarchy thus allowing for the safety of a judgement free space.


Facilitators are not the experts. They are members of the group sharing their experiences. They have been trained and certified by the Hearing Voices Network USA to facilitate CTHVN groups in a supportive way. Whenever possible, facilitators have lived experience hearing voices, seeing visions, or having other unusual experiences. 

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