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Maastricht Approach
Project Guides

What is a M.A.P. Guide? 

Guides are people trained in the Maastricht approach. They team up with voice hearers to discuss their experiences, using the Maastricht interview as a tool for exploration and discovery. You can click the links below to learn more about our current guides and how to connect. We're growing all the time!


Exploring Together

Persons participating in the interview are regarded as being the experts, and full partnership in the process of finding solutions to the “difficulties” of their experience.


The Maastricht questionnaire is a series of questions that encourage the participant to explore the experience of voice hearing, build trust, openness and understanding in their own experience in a structured way, while in supported environment.

  • Participants acknowledge and validate the experience of voice hearing.

  • Participants feel supported to overcome feelings of shame related to talking about their experiences.

  • Participants gain a better understanding of why they hear voices or experience problematic thoughts.

Sections Covered in Questionnaire:


  • Nature of the experience

  • Characteristics of the voices

  • The history of you hearing voices

  • What triggers the voices

  • What the voices say

  • How do you explain the origin of the voices

  • What impact do the voices have on your way of life

  • Relationship with your voices

  • Coping strategies

  • Questions related to your childhood

  • Medical history

  • Your social network

Met our guides and get in touch!

Click on a name below to learn more about each guide, and find one that might be right for you!

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