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Safe and confidential support for voice-hearers and their families.

CTHVN peer support groups have changed lives. Find out what they could mean for you. 

A Non-Clinical approach

CTHVN groups focus on
mutual respect, peer support, and community, not therapy or treatment.

Your beliefs are valid

CTHVN Groups welcome the diversity of experiences and views of the members. Rather than seeing one belief system as more valid than another, all explanations for voice and vision experiences are valued.

You're the expert on your experience

No assumption of illness is made. Individuals are honored as the expert
on themselves, respecting that our humanness is expressed through our

Connect with people who get it

CTHVN groups provide a space for people to share their personal experiences of voices, visions, and other unique sensory perceptions, while offering support to one another.

Feel overwhelmed? We can help. 

The groups can offer an
opportunity for people to accept and find meaning in their experiences in a way that helps them regain power over their lives.

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10% of people have heard voices in their life. You're not alone.

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Don't want to talk? 
No problem. We think listening is just as important. 

Each person has an important part to play in determining the direction of the groups, which are member led. This may mean sharing their story, but it can also look like silently bearing witness to others, so don’t worry if you
don’t want to talk.


If you do choose to share, your story is safe with us. CT Hearing Voices Network Groups are confidential. What is discussed in the groups stays in the groups.


The groups are made up of people with lived experience of voices, vision, and other unusual sensory perceptions. Our hope is to come together as peers, able to express our truths, honoring our personal power in a space free of a hierarchy and judgement. 

What People Say

"I don't do good in a group setting, but here I feel comfortable knowing I am not the only one out there."
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Interested in starting a group? 

We need facilitators!


We’re always looking to start new groups, and to do that we need facilitators! No experience is necessary. While lived experience with voice-hearing is great, it isn’t required. 

If you want to start a group near you, we can help get you trained and ready to go! 

Our Partners

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