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Denise Cassella

They/them, she/Her

Stairway to Healing Light, LLC



Phone (Please text): 860-965-6398

About Denise

Works Independently: Recovery Support Specialist, CT-Hearing Voices Network Facilitator, Maastricht Provider, Integrated, Holistic & Spiritual Master


Denise has heard voices since all the way back to the crib! They have Native American Cherokee ancestry, and are related to Pope John the 23rd. Denise is Clairaudient and Clairvoyant, and has gone through a non-clinical and non-medicated Yale study in February 2020. It was to help them understand the brain function while in an MRI, playing various games and tests as they were hearing voices.


Denise offers peer support in a non-clinical environment with virtual, in person and group settings for CT HVN, and utilizes the Maastricht Questionnaire as well. They use Holistic modalities by offering Reiki, Sound Healing and Holden QiGong to calm the Mind, Body and Soul while presenting Spiritual guidance with various classes and services.

Guide Information

Age range: Comfortable working with adolescents and adults

Payment: Case-by-case, contact for details. Currently private pay only.

Hours of availability: I am open, dependent on each of our available days/nights/hours Meetings: Either virtually or in person


Relevant Trainings and Certifications:

  • CT Hearing Voices Network Facilitator

  • Maastricht Provider

  • Voices, Visions and Beliefs

  • CT Recovery Support Specialist

  • Intentional Peer Support

  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan

  • Compassionate Activism

  • Serving Those Who Serve: Veterans Training

  • Reiki Master

  • Sound Healing and QiGong Teacher training

  • Spiritual Guidance and Human Resources Management

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